Professional Steam Cleaning

A steam cleaning is an effective and chemical free sanitation of surfaces and ambient. It can clean grout, remove tough grime, mold, allergens such as bedbugs, dust mites and others. It is also environmentally friendly. Combined with our Spring Cleaning, now only will your house be clean, it will be free of allergens!

Supplies and equipment are included with this service order.

This package provides 3 professional cleaners for 4 hours each (12 man-hours total). Steam cleaning helps combat mold, dust mites, bedbugs, allergens, and pollens in your house, apartment or office. We cover:

  • Sofas & Chairs
  • Mattresses and Bed springs
  • Pillows
  • Curtains
  • Baseboards
  • Inside cabinets
  • Rugs & carpets
  • Entire Kitchen, bathroom, and more!

This package is perfect for people with strong allergies.

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