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What makes our prices such a good value? There are many reasons, but only from the pricing perspective, here’s a good one…

Many services get you with a “bait price”. Upon arrival they charge extra for each location/item such as the inside of a refrigerator. Some free door to door estimates are mostly gauging tactics. They have to make up for non-sales by charging inflated rates.

We post our prices up front. All inclusive and true to description as long as time allows and the purchase matches the need. No hidden fees, no hidden agendas, no underpaid, undocumented Workers, no re-used, contaminated supplies.

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Get a $10 or $20 discount simply for using the online order wizard! You can still call us for assistance or to place an order if you prefer.

Express Maid Service ™ (single purchase price)

Regular cleaning for your apartment or office. Service includes 1 Maid for 3 to 4 hours.

*If your location is larger than 900 sq ft or has more than 1 bathroom, you may need additional hours. Added hours only incur with your pre-authorization and only if needed.

Express Maid Services (Single Purchase)Regular Price
Express Maid Service for Studios$109 + tax up to 3 hours
Express Maid Service$139 + tax up to 4 hours
Optional additional hour:$29.77 + tax per hour per worker.
Supply delivery
*Supply kits contain sterilized HEPA vacuum, disposables & concentrated single use detergent portions.
Additional $49 + tax
Laundry Upgrade
$29.77 + tax per 1-2 loads.

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Discounted Recurring Services

Have our Express Maid Service™  as often as you need it with discounted rates! If you need a different schedule just let us know, we’re flexible. The more you use us, the lower your rate!

Recurring Services***Schedules are flexible in case you need to travel or change dates.
Tri-weekly$114.76 + tax
per service every 3 weeks = 3 to 4 hours
Bi-Weekly$111 + tax
per service every 2 weeks = 3 to 4 hours
Weekly$107 + tax
per service every week = 3 to 4 hours
Daily (4-5 days a week)$94 + tax
Per Service = up to 3 to 4 hours

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**Discounted rates are for customers who sign up for recurring services.

Spring Cleaning Services or Move in move out Cleaning

Give your apartment or house a deep, thorough clean! Get your place back to (or close to) its original condition!

We understand not all service needs are the same, so we created different levels of spring cleaning.

Have bedbugs, allergens, dust mites, grout or tough stains? Looking for an environmentally-friendly way to get rid of it? Steam cleaning is the best way to get rid of the tough allergens, stains and more! Combined with our Spring Cleaning (included), your place will not only be clean, but safe and sterile!

Spring Cleaning Services or Move in/out CleaningsRegular Price
Standard Spring Cleaning$297.00
2 Service Pros for 4 hrs each = 8 hours total labor.
Super Spring Cleaning$387.00
3 Service Pros for 4 hrs each= 12 hours total labor

Super Spring and Steam/Vapor Cleaning Package

*a form of green cleaning as well.

Great for eliminating allergens, dust mites, grout stains, tough stains and environmentally friendly!
3 Service Pros + steaming equipment for 4 hrs each = 12 hours total labor
Super Spring Cleaning with ALL-ergen Package

A spring cleaning overhaul of your home or office + the incredibly Efficient ALL-ergen treatment. The most efficient allergen removal cleaning Bar none!
3 Service Pros for 4 hrs each = 12 hours total labor
Super Spring Cleaning, Steam and ALL-ergen Package$744 4 service Pros for 4 hrs each = 16 hours total labor
Bedbugs Spring Cleaning + Steam Cleaning Combo

We will steam and clean all curtains, baseboards, couches, chairs, mattress, box springs, and headboards

Because this service requires 4 hours and to prevent schedule conflicts, we can only service customers in the Afternoon.
4 Service Pros 4 hrs each = 16 hours total labor

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Post Renovation Cleaning Services

Get rid of all that post construction dust and make sure your apartment is totally cleaned!

Level 1 Pricing

Post Renovation CleaningsRegular Price
Mini Post-Renovation Cleaning
(Only for studios less than 500 Sq Ft.)
2 Service Pros for 4 hours per Service Pro = 8 hours total labor
Small Post-Renovation Cleaning
3 Service Pros for 4 hours per Service Pro = 12 hours total labor
Medium Post-Renovation Cleaning$767.00
4 Service Pros for 4 hours per Service Pro = 16 hours total labor
Large Post-Renovation Cleaning$897.00
5 Service Pros for 4 hours per Service Pro = 20 hours total labor.
Additional Hours$49.77 per Service Pro / per hour

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, please call us for a consultation.

Additional Hours

The majority of our services can be completed within the times estimated. However, in certain cases, you may need to purchase additional time. We will always ask you first. You will never experience unauthorized charges.

Additional Hours 
Express Maid Service$29.77
Spring Cleaning Services$39.77 per maid/per hour
Post-Renovation Services$49.77 per Service Pro/per hour

Professional Party Help

Need help throwing a successful event or party? Cleaning services will help save you time as we will keep the place clean during and after the party!

Call for Pricing

*All services that are ordered for Sundays, Major Holidays or after office hours are 35% more to be able to pay Workers the time and a half salary rate.